Personal Stylist

I will be your personal consultant, this service is for women 35 and older. A personal stylist is a person who typically advises individuals on, for example, new fashion trends, clothing styles, colours and make-up. A personal stylist is a recognised profession not to be confused with a 'stylist' whose job it is predominantly to manage fashion photoshoots for leading fashion labels..This service includes selecting and delivering clothes to your home that have been selected based on your style profile which would be set up upon your first visit to the store if you so choose to have one done. My styling approach combines recognizing and valuing the uniqueness of who you are, what you do, and where you’re going. When this is uncovered and expressed in a visually compelling way, it’s magnetizing! The cost of this great service is only $19.95 per trip to your home or if you go on the maintenance program it's $37.50 for up to 3 trips a month to your home. Just think you get the luxury of having brand new clothes brought to your home so you can shop without having to leave your house or by placing an order over the internet and then having to wait for it to be delivered. It's there when you want it. If you think this service is for you please contact Virginia at 253 355 3895 This service is currently offered only in the King and Pierce county areas.