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Hey just a shout out to everyone that we will be participating in cyber Monday along with many other online shops, but what we are doing different is we are also offering free shipping on all of  our merchandise even the items that have been marked down already. We look forward to all of our regular shoppers as well as adding new ones. Why, because at Vee's Boutique our motto is "It's All About You" and we mean that is every aspect of our business. We want women to shop here and buy the clothes that make them feel good...

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Three years ago Vee's Boutique opened up here in the Freighthouse Square. It has been an amazing journey for us here I want to thank all the wonderful people who came out to support us over the last two weeks we could not do it without your support. That's right we are still here because of you. Once again thank you everyone for your kind loving support. We will continue to strive to bring you the best in product and in service because here it will always be about you.

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